Watch Winder

Rotating watch box or watch winder manufacturers use different materials for their products. To deal with new requirements of different watches and watch enthusiasts, several new materials are introduced. These materials might have some advantages and disadvantages when compared to each other. So, what are those materials? Which one is the best for a watch winder?


Several watch winder manufacturers choose woods in the construction of their rotating watch box. The decision of choosing this material is based on different things. First, wood gives a rustic and more natural look than other materials  such as plastic. Second, several watch winder manufacturers who are concerned about the environment could produce an environmentally friendly watch winder. However, there are several factors that made wood less superior to plastic. First, it is widely known that wood is less durable than plastic. In addition to that, wooden watch winder are more prone to weather damage than plastic. Lastly, wooden self rotating watch box are generally more costly to produce.


It is widely known that most electronic devices nowadays use plastic as their body construction. This happens due to the superior durability of plastic compared to wood. Due to this durability, it is now possible to find a portable watch winder with different sizes. In addition to that, a watch winder with plastic case is relatively cheaper to produce, since manufacturers are able to produce multiple self rotating watch boxes using the same plastic mold. By using plastic, a watch winder manufacturer is able to create different variations in their product by employing various colors on their watch winder design. Lastly, plastic would give a more modern look for a watch winder compared to woods.

Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is a different kind of material which has been used in different industries such as automotive, and military. It is widely known that carbon fiber is superior that plastic due to the stiffness and durability compared to  regular polycarbonate plastic. A rotating watch box made out of carbon fiber will have lighter weight compared to wood or plastic. In addition to that, carbon fiber has a high chemical resistance which means that you don’t have to worry about chemical damage on your watch winder. However, carbon fiber products are relatively expensive and require a lot of time to produce.

To sum up, there are different materials that a watch winder manufacturer use for their product. Each of them has their own certain disadvantages and advantages compared to one another. Which one of those materials are the best? We think that you should get one to find out. 

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