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Like any electronic device, a luxury watch winder will eventually need some repair after long-term use. While repairing it seems way above your expertise, there are several steps that you can do on your own before you call in an expert. So, what are the first things that can be done if our watch winder is broken? When is exactly the right time to finally call an expert?

Checking the power source

Generally, the first thing that you can do in order to detect the damage is to make sure whether your luxury watch winder got any electricity. Do this by unplugging your winder battery and plugging it directly into a power source. If your motor still produces heat, but the winder stops completely, then the damage might come from different parts of your automatic watch winder such as the motor, or belt. At this rate, you can start checking the internal part of your winder. 

Checking the internal parts

You can start checking the internal part of your winder by opening the back or side panel of your watch winder box with a screwdriver. After you’ve done that, look at the motor. Is the motor run properly? If it doesn’t, this might be caused by a worn out motor or loose watch winder belt. When it comes to replacing the motor or the motor belt, you can do it without any difficulties as long as you can find the exact same model as your watch winder box. 

Calling for expert’s help

If the damage is beyond your knowledge, or you can’t find the right replacement part for your luxury watch winder, then it is finally the right time to call for an expert. Calling for an expert’s help can be helpful in order to avoid further damage that you might do when trying to repair it on your own. Furthermore, bringing your watch winder case to an experienced repair service is the best option if you don’t have the right tool to do the required repair on your own.

To sum up, it is best that you repair your watch winder box on your own if you are able to detect the damage, have the knowledge and have the right tools to do it on your own. However, when you seem to find a dead end, then it is finally the time to call for an expert. Furthermore, calling an expert or bringing your watch winder to an experienced repair service is a good option to prevent any further damage.

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